The Guide to Boracay Kitesurfing

Boracay is a relatively small 4 mile long island that is a fantastic kitesurfing
destination for so many reasons. While is it a little farther for most
of us than the typical kite meccas – that has its advantages as well
in the form of lower prices and less crowded beaches.
boracay kitesurfing
There are heaps of fun things to do in Boracay when you are not kiting
(or if your travel parnter would rather do other activities) including diving,
golf, sailing, yoga and renting a motorcycle to explore the island.
The food on the island caters to all types of budgets and styles as
Boracay isn’t just a top kitesurfing destination but an overall top
spot in Asia for all types of travellers. The nice thing about how the
island is laid out is that the main beach is on the other side from
Bulabog Beach (the kite beach) so it’s easy to get to but also easy to
hang out with kiters in our own secluded section of town. This means
less non-kiters over on our side of the beach – almost none actually.

There is mostly flat water because of the location of the beach and
wind direction. High season is between November and March with
December and January being the busiest months. It can get crowded but
we have a boat that goes out to a few secret spots where it is wide
open. As far as accomodations, they can range from a basic treehouse
like bungalows for $30 US per night up to $120 per night for
ultra-luxe digs. We have put together discounted group rates for
kiters through out local connections (this also goes for the boat
trips to the secret spots). Contact us at or for more details.
Another good kitesurfing spot to the north of White Beach is Diniwid, a fairly
big cove. This beach may be reached by walking north on White Beach
until the “grotto” and then crossing the “bridge” or taking trike
(motorcycle with sidecar).

The locals you meet are nice, sweet, funny and super nice people.
Pinoys (what Phillipinos call themselves) are laid back and helpful
and not the aggressive types (*cough Cabrete *cough) you meet in other
kite destinations.

There are a few fun night spots such as Cocomangas on the other side
of the island (ten minute trike ride) and several parties usually
spring up as well. There is plenty to do so don’t worry about a quiet
beach with no parties (unless you choose to stay home).

Boracay can be reached via Manila or Cebu in the Philippines. Just
fly into one of these cities and then take Seair, Zestair, Cecu
Pacific or Pal Express for  a 45-55 minute flight
bound either for Kalibo or Caticlan If arriving via Kalibo, the
tourist must travel 90 minutes to the jetty port while vis Catilan,
they only find their way to the jetty port (about 5 minutes) to board
the ferry to Boracay. The ferry ride takes 10-15 minutes.
Just remember if flying from Manilla to Caticlan that they have strict
weight limit requirements (18kilos total when I was there), so if you
have lots of boards and gear you may want the ferry option.

For discounted hotels and rides out to the secret spot, contact
the folks at and they’ll get your sorted.

Good Winds!
Alexis Jamison