2013 Griffin TRX Kite

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2013 Griffin TRX Kite $699

2013 Griffin TRX Kitesurfing Kite

We had been anxiously waiting months for the all-new Griffin TRX. The team at Griffin kept testing hundreds of modifications and kite designs for what seemed like an eternity. They even switched factories to improve the quality. When they finally arrived in Mid-November we asked the head kite designer what this kite does well. He said:

“The TRX is an all-rounder kite with better wave riding abilities than dedicated wave kites and better freestyle abilities than dedicated freestyle kites.”

And of course we fell off our chairs laughing like hyenas who were just told the funniest joke in the world. Of course…just one kite that can turn fast for waves but also turn slow for freestyle, we countered. We’d heard that claim before from other kite companies. One of the guys joked, “yeah and I have a Porsche that is fast, hauls lumber and gets good gas mileage.” So it was time to hit the water and put our test kites (and 8, 10 and 14 meter) through their paces.

After spending some time on the water with the TRX, we stopped laughing.

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We’re not sure if its the new strut design or the 3 point center bridle but this kite actually delivers on that outlandish promise And it has the biggest wind range we’ve ever seen on a kite. One of the guys used the 10 meter in everything from 15 to 38 knots. And even at the top speeds, he was floating jumps and depowering on demand. We started calling this kite the “Swiss Army Knife of Kites”.

• Light bar with responsive pressure
• Hands-free assisted relaunch, (easiest kite to relaunch ever)
• Fast precise controlled turning
• Amazing down the line drift for wave riding
• Amazing upwind abilities
• Excellent unhooked kiteloop stability
• Boosts high and with a nice float (doesn’t drop you straight down)
• Very forgiving and stable in gusty conditions
• Massive depower. if you want to lose power it shuts down fast
• Versatile, effective as a (fast turning) wave kite or (slow turning) freestyle kite depending on how you adjust the bridles.
• The hands free auto relaunch and super stability, it is also great for beginners who don’t mind learning on a faster turning kite.
• For wave riding it is also excellent hooked and unhooked with the stability and fast turning it stays in the sky and behaves very nicely.
• Strong freeride kite for more advanced boosting and pop when unhooked. Great kite looping kite as well.

So those are some pros of the kite. We don’t like to paint everything to be all rosy and one kite isnt right for all types of kiters. Here are some cons of the kite:

Low end is not as low as an Argo, but it turns faster so you’re able to generate power through speed and apparent wind.

Griffin kitesurfing kite TRX review


The guys in the shop are calling this the ‘Swiss Army Knife Kite” because its incredibly versatile.  Never before have we seen a kite that can be adjusted this dramatically.

Want a fast turning, wave kite? The TRX can do it,

Need a stable ‘park and ride’ kite for freestyle? The TRX can do it.

It also has massive wind range, auto relaunch and instant depower. A great kite for both beginners and more advanced kiters looking to kite looking to improve their freestyle, free ride or wave skills.

What testers are saying:

“Jumps are boost and floaty hooked and unhooked. Kiteloops are a dream!!!! Fast and controlled even in lightwind and using 30m lines. Simply Incredible!!! “

“Auto-relaunch is really easy on the sand even in 6-8 knots (ideal when you are kiting alone, even is not recommendable…). Kite is really stable on the edge of the window, and response immediately and always controlled when you pull the rear line.”

“Upwind angle is really good as it pulls near to the edge of the window”

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