2014 Griffin Argo Kitesurf Kite

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2014 Griffin Argo Kitesurf Kite $967.50

2014 Griffin Argo Kitesurf Kite

The 2014 Argo is a medium-low aspect kite designed for super stability with auto relaunch, excellent for waves and light to strong winds. With even more wind range and unbeatable upwind performance. The Argo is the most tunable kite available giving riders the ability to make the kite suit their rider level and style. If you have tennis elbow, this kite can have the lightest bar pressure available, if you like strong bar pressure with plenty of feeling and punch, this is also the kite for you, if you like medium or medium light bar pressure without losing turning speed this is also the kite for you.

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The Griffin Argo Kitesurf Kite is Very Adjustable

The 2014 Argonaut
An original center less four strut design aimed to be the most all round kite that excels in all riding styles from wave riding, freeride, old-school boosts and kiteloops and unhooked. Super stable and durable kite. extremely easy to relaunch, and very user friendly. This kite has massive upwind ability and its gust handling abilities makes it one of the smoothest user-friendly fun kites of its time.

For beginners

The Argo is the most learning friendly kite we have tested with hands-free assisted re-launch, super stability massive depower and huge wind range. This design allows an easy pull in the bar park and ride for upwind cruising and downwind drift. Beginners and learners progress much faster on the Argonaut because of its ease of relaunch and stability. The incredibly durable workmanship guarantees that this kite will handle the beatings that most beginners put their kites through as they advance in their skills.

For intermediate to advanced

Wave, free ride, and freestyle rider this kite offers huge lofty floaty jumps, unhooked stability, awesome wave riding and drift with quick depower and fast controlled turns for upwind and down the line wave riding. Drift down the line, or launch with massive height and float and pull a kite loop, the argo does it all.

Changes for 2014
Riders wanted more wind range, faster turning, agility and response while keeping the stability and relaunch and ease of use. We have added a simple 3 point attachment to the centre of the kite which gives a massive improvement to top end wind range and much more agile feel and makes the kite ‘rock solid’?in strong gusts and heavy riders. There are only 2 settings on the Argo and both work superbly.


2014 Griffin Argo Technical Notes

  • 3 point center bridle for strong winds and heavy rider kite stability
  • Lighter bar pressure, (medium light )
  • Faster turning (14m 2014 turns almost as fast as the 2012 10m )
  • Much better upwind ( 2012 was great upwind, 2014 is amazing up wind )
  • Same low wind grunt and power
  • Same easy hands free assisted relaunch
  • Much more solid in strong winds with the new bridle setup
  • Very simple settings options ( shoulder option, and turning speed )
  • Better quality and finish from the new factory
  • Better single point inflation system
  • Much better for kiteloops and wave riding
  • Better pop and punch with the same feel of the kite

Ideal for:
All riding styles, wave ride and drift better than most wave kites, boost and float better than most high aspect kites, unhook and kiteloop better than most freestyle kites.

Schools, beginners, intermediate and advanced riders of all styles, free ride, freestyle, wave riding. Offers big boosts and float, kite loops, and unhooked performance.

This grunty responsive kite has excellent depower and wind range.

Recommended Settings:

Turning Settings: Fast turning attachment closest to the back of the kite (you can slow down turning by moving the attachment closer to the center of the kite)

Sizing: 7m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 17m

Available Colors:

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 7.26.22 PM



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