Flying And Jumping Practice – Taming Your Kitesurfing Experience

1143840_parachutersOne of the main attractions of any sport are the tricks and snazzy moves that drive audiences and participants to keep coming back. Kitesurfing is no exception.

While kitesurfing, the big attraction is the jumps. Similar to surfing or skateboarding maneuvers, like spins, board grabs, etc., kitesurfing jumps have a lot of dangers associated with them.

When you practice your maneuvers, there are some safety tips that you should always keep in mind. First, don’t practice jumping near crowds, and try to have a buffer zone of clear areas that you can surf through. Have a clearance area of at least 50m downwind of where you are surfing.

The kite flyer that is farthest upwind should keep their kite higher than those who are downwind. This is to make sure you don’t cross lines and create a chaotic and dangerous situation.

Because kiters are considered sailing vessels, there are similar rules that apply while practicing the sport. Distance from swimmers and shore apply to kitersurfers. A kiter is also entitled to right of way and should warn other vessels or kiters by shouting “starboard” very clearly and with good time.

It’s a new sport, and it’s still developing. But luckily there haven’t been many fatalities involved in kitesurfing so far. Let’s keep those numbers low so we can continue to kitesurf for many years to come.

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