The Extreme Sport of Kitesurfing

The Extreme Sport of Kitesurfing

The fairly new sport of kitesurfing is a mixture of other water sports like surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and paragliding and obviously involves some of the same skills found in these sports. It is the perfect extreme sport for those who love the water and love feeling the wind in their hair. Kitesurfers can go cruising along the coast of a beach or inside a large lake, safely enjoy rides of up to 20 miles per hour, and engage in freestyle riding tricks.

Kitesurfing is somewhat of a complicated sport, however, and can require some learning and practice. This can be achieved at kitesurfing schools where beginners are taught the basics of the sport like how to properly hold on to their kite, keeping their balance on their board, and successfully completing a turn. As one advances in their kitesurfing, they’ll be able to learn how to correctly execute tricks like controlled flying and jumping.


As with most sports, safety gear and equipment are essential in providing riders with the most enjoyable experience they can have kitesurfing. Not only can these prevent injury, they can also enable the user to have more control during their ride. For kitesurfing there is no shortage of equipment and safety gear. The flying lines of the kites are most commonly made of an ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE. This extremely strong material is capable of handling the strong, unpredictable winds that may gust up during a ride. These lines are securely attached to the control bar, of which the kitesurfer uses to “control” the kite by pulling at its ends. The control bar consists of a solid metal that is very strong yet light enough for comfortable use.

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Kitesurfing Equipment

To avoid loosing the kite if a rider looses grip, the control bar is securely fastened to the rider’s harness, which features a safety-release system. Helmets are available to kitesurfers, as well as kiteboards with foot straps. Helmets, as always, offer great protection against sudden impact, such as a hard hit against the water. Having foot straps on a kiteboard allows riders to keep their footing and prevents them from loosing the board due to tricks or inexperience. Also available in kitesurfing safety gear are impact vests, life jackets, wet suits and more. From head to toe, there is of safety gear available and riders are provided with good equipment to help them feel well protected as they enjoy their kitesurfing.