Epic Renegade Kiteboarding Kite

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Epic Renegade Kiteboarding Kite $755

Epic Renegade Kiteboarding Kite

The new Epic Renegade kiteboarding kite is the kite everyone is talking about – and from the looks of our test, will be talking about for a long time. We have tested the kite and our impressions are found below:

The Epic Renegade: Unleashed

The stitches and build quality on all lines, bar, bag and everything are top-notch. We haven’t seen any other kite put together with more attention to detail so it gets our seal of approval on that. :)

Set up was very easy. Everything is color-coded, well-marked and newbie-proof. I chose to first self-launch the kite and can say I’ve never seen a kite more ready to fly. From the moment I flipped the bar around it started to stand on one end, ready to go.  I walked to the edge of the wind window, and the Epic Renegade jumped up effortlessly. The kite has a stable and confident feel from the first second. I really felt like I have been flying this kite as I could almost telegraph moves to it and it would respond. You just know where it is at all times without looking at it. The bar pressure is medium with enough feedback to be aware of what you’re doing without having to force it.

Epic Renegade Kiteboarding Kite:

The Renegade Takes Flight

In the air, the power delivery is very smooth and deliberate. The kite pivots and then builds speed in the turn which makes kite loops and other powered moves fun to say the least. The kite is predictable and forgiving in its delivery so it doesn’t feel overly aggressive as some other kites do. Just a very fun kite to fly. Super comfortable, predictable and great for all skill levels. Beginners will love the easy launch , stable characteristics and 100% bar depower. Experts  will appreciate the predictable power for wake style, old school or riding waves (have you seen Dimitri rip on this thing?!).


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Beefy bridle pads
Durable bridle attachments
Secure one pump system
Triple welded leading edge
Ribbed Carbon-Tough scuff pads
Fused strut connections
Adjustable speed settings
Bomber construction on strut tips
Bridle deflectors on strut tips
TE Scuff pads
Easy pump attachment
Versatile durable bag

Flying the Epic Renegade Kiteboarding Kite:

Smooth, friendly, controllable, great unhooked pop, tons of depower – all the things that make a great freestyle kite. I can see why a few people are saying this is much more than only a wave kite because my time with it as a freestyle/wake kite certainly proved it to me.

Getting the right amount of pop was easier on this kite than any I have tried in years. It only took one practice boost before I had the timing dialed. After sending the kite it gave me a nice, smooth floaty jumps.  Redirecting for landing was very compliant and the timing for a smooth landing was incredibly flexible. As long as you brought it back over some time on your way down you were almost guaranteed a gentle reintroduction to the water.


Unhooked? Yes, please

Unhooked moves are where this kite really performs.  With even a small amount of speed, the Epic Renegade produces amazing pop, more than enough to throw you to some decent air.  Hooking back in is a snap as the kite give you a seconds worth of slack lines as it floats back readying itself to resume normal flight.

Safety & Relaunch

The safety system using the Xtend was worked intuitively and fast. It’s one of the best setups and everything is where it should be and just works. The kite moves a little to one side of the window and waits to be relaunch. The bar and kite setup make it simple; just grab the bar and steer the kite up off the water.


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Final thoughts on the Epic Renegade Kiteboarding Kite?

This will be my go to kite for both winter and summer. It’s really a kite that you can progress with consistently and even pros would not get bored with it. Nice load and pop. Smooth lively and responsive steering makes it the ideal kite for surfing and a blast to ride in any condition.

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Epic Renegade Kiteboarding Kite