Does Microdosing Improve Kitesurfing?

Microdosing’s Advantages for Kitesurfing and Professional Athletes: From Treatment to Transcension

Psychedelic medications have had a strong and pervasive impact on mainstream society–including the world of professional sports. Not only do psychedelics have powerful health effects that athletes can gain from now, but they still have the ability to be used as “performance enhancers” in a novel way. Indeed, the notorious “acid-fueled no-hitter” thrown by famed Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis perfectly exemplifies this feeling. As we plan to debut our daring new season, Psychedelics &, this study will look at the diverse influence that psychedelics have on the thrilling world of professional sports.


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Aside from full-fledged tripping when playing sports, there is an intriguing and important argument to be made regarding the possible advantages of microdosing for professional athletes. Given the overwhelmingly positive outcomes recorded by microdosing Silicon Valley techies in terms of concentration, innovation, and energy, it’s no wonder that microdosing magic mushrooms or LSD could significantly help athletes. Indeed, as previously stated in this piece, recent research has shown that microdosing LSD can be useful for pain management as well. Furthermore, the tendency of medications such as magic mushrooms and LSD to cause neuroplastic improvements at high doses bodes well for future therapeutic pathways at low doses. Given the amount of physical pain that many athletes subject their bodies to, such drugs may aid in their rehabilitation off the field as well as their success on it.

The Untold Story of LSD and Extreme Sports

As incredible as it might be, many people have achieved remarkable physical abilities when under the influence of psychedelic drugs. The hidden history of LSD and extreme sports, in particular, is remarkably rich in tales of humans pulling off absolutely monumental feats when high. Humans under the influence of LSD are described in an insightful newsletter by the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) as having scaled the greatest walls in Yosemite, heli-skied first descents off Alaskan peaks, competed in world-class snowboarding competitions, raced motocross bikes, surfed enormous Hawaiian waves, flown hang-gliders over 18,000 feet, and even climbed sand dunes. Indeed, the MAPS newsletter continues, “Any ski town bar will happily regale many “fine tales” of athletic exploits achieved on psychedelics–truly remarkable.” From the epic stories of Dock Ellis and his “acid-fuelled no-hitter” to the extreme sports athletes who excel while tripping, psychedelic drugs seem to be uniquely “performance enhancing.”

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