6 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Kite on eBay

Why you should not buy a kite or kitesurfing equipment from eBay


Make sure when getting a kitesurfing Trainer kite that you avoid buying junk on ebay. Many people will list generic power kites on ebay and claim that they are a good kite for practicing kiteboarding. We have had just too many people come to us after they bought on eBay and said they wished they would have saved the time and frustration from buying for us first. That is why I decided to write this article. I’ve known many people to buy them off ebay and the lines will be screwed up or the kite in general is just junk. Some kites will pull hard to one side and some won’t even fly anywhere near the edge of the window.

The problem with buying a trainer kite on eBay is you just don’t know what you are getting until it is too late. And then you are faced with having to ship it back, fight with the seller and paypal and eBay. It’s a lot of work and often times the seller wins the argument and you are stuck. Just last month a friend of mine bought a kitesurfing trainer kite off eBay… He asked me to come out to the beach to show him the ropes. Within 5 minutes the kite’s right side lines ripped completely off the kite. Very poor workmanship and he had no way of knowing it until he tried the kite out.

Here are 6 reasons why you should not buy a kite on eBay:
1.  You cannot be sure of the condition. What the seller considers “barely used” could be very worn and dangerous.

2.  Poor seller interaction after the sale. Most people on eBay want to get rid of the items and then move on. It is not their business to sell kites so they don’t have the time or resources to solve any future problems.

3.  Many sellers offer very kites on eBay but they are Chinese brands that no one has heard of or trusts. Beware.
4.  It usually takes much longer for shipping. Often sellers will box up a kite and ship it when it is convenient. We ship our kites out immediately and they are professionally packaged.

5.  Extreme shipping costs. Many sellers pass off their shipping costs + a little extra to the customers. We pay all shipping for our kites.

6. No warranty. Most eBay sellers don’t offer or validate a warranty if it is needed. Compare that to our World’s Best Warranty.

The kitesurfing forums are filled with story after story about someone who bought on eBay and is now trying to battle the merchant. Why not just go with a trusted seller where you can easily get a refund? Check out our World’s Best Guarantee page and learn why we stand behind the products we sell so strongly we offer our own World’s Best Warranty and World Best Price promise. You can find them both here.

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