Blade Trigger Kitesurfing Kite

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Blade Trigger Kitesurfing Kite

2012 Blade Trigger Kitesurf Kite

Why did SBC Kiteboarding magazine recently name this kite the “skill-building favorite in the their 2012 all-terrain freeride head-to-head test?” The 2012 Blade Trigger kitesurfing kite was designed for all levels of riders. Its really the perfect all-around kite to? help you progress quickly to the next level. If you want one kite to give you the control and safety, the Blade Trigger is a serious kite to consider. The Blade Trigger excels at harnessing control and usable power.

    • Handling is active in this fast kite, yet it provides rock-solid stability due to the 3 strut efficient Leading Edge shape and bridle.
    • Steering is precise, crisp and direct, its designed to fly fast through the window.

Need your kite sent fast? Just click below If you also need a bar, select one below The Blade Triggers depower provides access to a strong top-end.. The low end continues to be excellent, performing strong when most kiters are rolling up their kites to go home. Advanced engineering in the wingtip shape gives predictable, fast, smooth power turns. The Triggers impressive pop will get you up cleanly up in the air. Trigger delivers active all-around abilities to the hands of riders at all skill levels who are powerful, playful, and dynamic in nature. Those riders that select the Trigger will find their perfect match for the ultimate ride in every session, any style.

  • Active no-compromise dynamic handling
  • Predictably stable
  • Flies quickly through the window
  • Quick and direct pivot turns
  • Massive wind range-the biggest weve seen in a one-kite setup

Blade Trigger Build Quality Review

Very simply Blade kites is on top of their game when it comes to material quality. All Blade kites receive the same top-end level of construction. The newest trends that will be gone next year dont make it Blade kite lineup. Only tried and tested true innovation does. Blade Kites is one of the rare companies in the kitesurfing industry that works hand-in-hand with its production factories. This assures high quality standards and excellence in production. It also helps to raise the bar of the industry standard.

2012 Blade Trigger Control Bar

The 2012 Blade Bar provides maximum control and a ridiculously awesome setup. This bar strikes a nice balance between toughness and precision. This is done by using the top level plastics and flexible materials which wont break, or corrode. Blade Kites Control BarThe 2012 Blade Bar introduces a new generation of features called the innovative Blade Swivel Dome. It combines the features and functionality of a chicken loop, swivel, and a 100% effective safety release into one fast, efficient mechanism. This proven and refined design is updated for 2012 with a newly developed plastic composite raising its durability and reliability to exceptional standards of safety. One quick move releases the bar with very little effort. Once it is deployed, the Blades complete Depower System immediately causes the kite to lose all power while remaining secured to you by one of the depower lines, ensuring the safety of both you and your equipment. The bars quick release is easily re-assembled and remains in one piece, so there are no parts on the Blade Bar to lose. The new Blade Kites Bar combines safety and performance, so you can focus on what really matters – riding! ? Newly redesigned center piece molded out of a single unit of stainless steel. ? Third generation Blade Swivel Dome G3 mechanism. ? Easy and efficient-on/fast-off quick release release. ? Gives 100% depower instantly upon release activation ? Comfy and direct bar feel Technical and need the specs? Click to enlarge: Blade Trigger Kite specs So whats the wind range of the Blade Trigger? In a word, massive. Click to enlarge: Blade Kites wind range for Blade TriggerBoost a Blade Trigger Kitesurf Kite today…. Blade Trigger Kiteboarding Kite Review blade kites trigger sizes and wind range Want more opinions? Check out these reviews:

If you also need a bar, select one below WHAT THE SBC TEST TEAM RIDERS ARE SAYING: