Blade Fat Lady Lightwind Kite

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Blade Fat Lady Lightwind Kite $1599

Blade Fat Lady Kitesurfing Kite

In the last several years, we had pretty much given up on the lightwind days. Those days when the wind was 15knots or lower. Sure we could go out and quietly sail back and forth but it didn’t feel enough like kitesurfing – more like kitecrusing. There have always been big, heavy 17-20 meter lightwind kites but they had no pop, no real guts or zest. And they were slow to turn… like glacier-moving slow.

Enter.. the Fat Lady

Luckily, the newest generation of lightwind kites shatters that old image. With lightweight materials and super-thin? struts this lady doesn’t just flutter across the sky – she charges.

After 2 years of advanced research and prototypes, the Fat Lady is the most innovative and dynamic kite in the light-wind category.

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Ironically the key to the Fat Lady’s light wind dominance, is a good diet. The key to keeping her weight down is the leanest leading edge of any 17m kite on the market. In order to get this thin leading edge to work well, Blade has optimized all of the other elements of this kite including the struts, canopy, and the bridle, making this kite outperform many smaller kites. Finally, light wind kitesurifng is fun again!

What is this Blade Fat Lady Lightwind Kite?

Blade uses the best possible materials in the manufacture of these kites. To keep the quality high, the same high level of construction Blade uses in their kites has been matched with this kite as well. Taking shortcuts wasn’t an option on this kite and you’ll see that in the quality of both design and materials.

Blade Fat Lady Kite Features:

  • Exceptional low-wind performance
  • Incredible stability
  • Extremely dynamic handling
  • Fast turning & fast flying
  • Huge hangtime
  • Easy relaunch
  • Quick pump & minimal prep time

Blade Fat Lady LEI Kite Package Includes:

  • Blade Fat Lady Kitesurfing Kite
  • Bag / Backpack for Storage and Easy Transport
  • Blade Kite Pump
  • A Control Bar can also be added if need – see below
  • Blade Kite Repair Kit
  • Manual

Blade Uni Kitesurfing Control Bar
The Blade Uni Bar is designed by riders and for riders so you can expect for maximum control and precision in a simple effective setup.?19m+4m lines. Features include ergonomically studied design, dramatically improved durability and precision through a complete redesign, use of high end plastics and flexible materials which resist impact, deformation, and won’t corrode or breakdown.

2013 Blade Kites Uni Control Kitesurfing Bar

The flying lines are also upgraded to the latest advance in line technology, stretching 50% less than the previous standard.
Purchasing a bar shouldn