Best Kiteboard The Spark

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Best Kiteboard The Spark

Best Kiteboard: The Spark

If you are a beginner to intermediate rider, the Best Spark Kiteboard is great board. It’s forgiving so very easy to plane and learn on, but you’ll keep it right through as your progress. The Best Spark is easy to ride, durable, and it looks great on and off the water.


Why Should You Consider this Kiteboard?

  1. Great concave shape is forgiving but has enough stiffness to start jumps.
  2. Solid construction but still light enough to start nailing your first tricks.
  3. Best Value: It has a super low price to make it easy for anyone to afford.
  4. Fantastic all-around board and its flex eats up choppy conditions.

With three different size models in the Spark range, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your size, weight, and skill level. Designed with progress in mind, we are sure you’ll keep your Spark long after you have completed your first season.

Priced lower than you would expect for a board with these specifications, the Spark’s core, layup and computer-generated 3D Circuit flex are inspired by the Ouija. Every bit as versatile as its big brother, with a more forgiving ride and flex to soak up any chop, it’s the perfect first (or second) board for any rider.

Who Is this Kite Board Right for?

If you are a beginner looking for the best kiteboard at the right price, the Best Spark is the one for you. You’ll notice it’s the only kite board we list on the site. That’s because it’s our top pick for 90% of all conditions and beginning riders.

The Spark comes complete with A Grab Handle, Fins, Foot Straps and Pads.

What Size Should you get?

The Best Spark comes in 3 sizes that covers the complete range:

127CM X 39CM
134CM X 42CM
140CM X 43CM


Look for a smaller size if you don’t weight that much (150lbs and less); the medium is a good size for 170 pound rider; and the larger size is perfect for those who weight more (or just want a lightwind board). A bigger board will allow you to get up easier but sacrifices a bit of carving ability so keep that in mind. The medium or large size is generally the right board for all but the smallest of riders.


You Want the Tech?

Woodflex core:A thin section core profile made from lighter graded Poplar wood provides the added flex and comfort that riders need from their first board.
45-90 Layup:For a more forgiving flex and softer damping we use a multi-weight Biaxial fiberglass layup on the Spark range. Each size of board receives a different blend of cloth weights to provide a consistent handling feel right across the range.
Discreet mounting system:Utilizing individual mounting blocks for all fin and strap hardware means the natural flex patterns and strength of our twin-tip boards are not compromised by providing multiple foot strap position options.

Interested in getting your Best Spark fast? Just select a size and we’ll see about getting it out today: