Beginner Kiteboarding Package

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Beginner Kiteboarding Package $1299

Complete Beginner Kiteboarding Package

Beginner kiteboarding packages are the fastest way for you to get started in the sport of kitesurfing. We’ve tested all the gear out there and put together the best kiteboarding gear package available. And we’ve thrown in a free premium harness as well.  This package is top quality gear and everything you need to start kitesurfing. You won’t need to buy anything else- this package is beginner/intermediate friendly and has it all. Who is this kitesurfing equipment for?

  • Anyone who is new to kiteboarding and not sure this sport is for them.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money but also want the safety that only new kitesurfing gear provides.
  • Anyone who wants a huge cost savings over buying each item separately.

Beginner Kiteboarding Packages One-Stop-Solution:

Want to Get Your Complete Beginner Kiteboarding Package Sent Fast?

We just need this information to complete the order:

  1. Harness Type? Dakine Renegade Waist Harness or Dakine Fusion Seat Harness
  2. Harness Size? XS, SM, M, L,XL, XXL
  3. Board Size? 136×40 or 146×45

2013 Griffin Argo Kitesurfing Kite

Of all the kites we have tested we find the  Griffin Argo to be the best beginner kitesurfing kite out there.  It’s got rock-solid stability, effortless re-launch and all the same features and quality of the more expensive kites.  This is the one kite every beginner we’re given it so feels comfortable with immediately. It’s predictable nature give the Argo a real “set it and forget it” feel that instantly builds the confidence that helps beginners progress fast. . Why else do we love the Griffin Argo Kite?

  • Rock Solid Stable
  • Auto-Launch and Re-Launch
  • Amazing Power and Grunt
  • Massive Depower
  • Powered Pivotal Turns
  • Bomproof Construction
  • Strong Boost with Softer Landings
  • Unmatched Adjustability and Settings
  • Unbeatable Upwind Performance and Wind Range

All New Griffin Bar and Lines

This kiteboarding package comes complete with a Griffin Bar and lines. Features of this bar include:

  • All new safer below-the-bar depower
  • 21m + 4m Line Extensions
  • Adjustable bar stop positions
  • Side bail out handles
  • Push away release system and leash

This is the bar design that all manufacturers are moving to because it’s the safest, best system and allows maximum adjustability.


We have 2 choices for kiteboarding harnesses for you to choose from. The Dakine Fusion seat harness comes in all sizes and is a great choice for beginners. Many beginners love the seat harness set up because the provide enough support from your waist and hips and they stay low and secure on your body.2011 Dakine Fusion Seat Harness The Dakine Renegade waist harness wraps securely around your mid-section. It’s currently  used by beginners to pros alike. It’s soft enough to be comfortable but strong enough to provide good back support. All of our harnesses complete complete with bar and pad.  All our harnesses come complete with a spreader bar and pad.2011 Dakine Renegade Harness


The Beginner Kiteboarding Package comes with the Flying Phish Kiteboard. The Flying Phish is a smooth freeride board that excels in all conditions. Its graduated rockers helps kiteboarders plane early and offers predictable stability and control. The result is a smooth beginner-intermediate board that offers confidence-building progression. It cuts through choppy water , windy swell  or flat water effortlessly. Available in 136×40 or 146×45. Beginner Kiteboard This one kite / one board quiver will get you riding about 60% to 70% of “kitable” days (10 to 30 knots) depending on your local conditions and your weight. Here’s a simple table with kite and board size recommendations* for 1 kite and 1 board quiver depending on your weight. Which size kitesurf kite to buy Interested in Getting Your Beginner Kiteboading Package shipped Fast? Choose your items below.
We just need this information to complete the order:

  1. Harness Type? Dakine Renegade Waist Harness or Dakine Fusion Seat Harness
  2. Harness Size? XS, SM, M, L,XL, XXL
  3. Board Size? 136×40 or 146×45

Kitesurfing Equipment Packages