Bungee Skimboarding

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Bungee Skimboarding

Without question, Bungee Skimboarding is the sickest thing to hit beaches, rivers, parking lots and snow hills in years.

Stretch it and get launched at 50mph! Improve your board skillz for:

  • Skimboarding   /   Riverboarding
  • Wake Skate  /   Wakeboarding
  • Kiteboarding   /   Kitesurfing
  • Snow Skate   /  Snowboarding
  • Skateboarding   /   Longboarding

And anywhere else you want to launch it ! The possibilities for fun and mayhem are endless. Our crew has used these bungees at the beach, the parking garages, in local lakes and skateparks. They always attract attention because we’re always having fun with them.

Banshee Bungee Outlaw Slinger Package — only $219.00

The Banshee Outlaw Slinger is a wicked fun way to use a special bungee to propel board riders at speeds of up to 50mph. It can be used with a Skimboard, Snowboard, Skateboard, Wakeboard or almost any board type.

This Banshee Bungee Outlaw Slinger Package is for any boarder who wants to be launched at 50 mph! It includes a bungee and two handles; providing over 200 feet of launch! It includes a bungee and two handles. One handle is 5 ft and the other one is 2 ft.

We can’t really explain it better than this video:

Banshee Bungee Package

Banshee Bungee Package

Only $219.00 while supplies last. You won’t see it advertised anywhere on the internet that low. Guaranteed.

Additional Details: