An Insight into the Daring and Exciting Sport of Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing provides the dual excitement of surf boarding as well as flying for the daring adventure seeker. The wind plays the most important part here, guiding the surfer through the water while he balances on surf or a kite board.

It’s almost unbelievable that control of the kite board as well as the kite lies in the hands of a single individual who has to gather the stamina as well as the courage and skill to maneuver both.

Today, sophisticated technology has devised quality control systems and safety release equipment which ensures a high percentage of safety. The surfer hops onto a board which could be equipped with foot bindings according to his choice, and uses a huge controllable kite surf kite which pushes him along the waters.

Another important aspect of kite boarding is determining the correct size of kite to be used. Generally a big sized kite is used to maneuver low wind conditions. Smaller kites serve stronger winds but only an expert kite surfer need attempt this. A great degree of perseverance s required before you can actually the master the controls. Never forget the fact that a large measure of safety lies with you and it does take a great deal of practice to bring about a perfect balance between the surf board and the kite surfing kite.

Finding a place to kite surf is no more a difficulty, since the sport has gained popularity in almost every part of the world. So you can be assured that your favorite holiday spot will most probably have the necessary facilities for learning as well. The two main types of kites, now in use are the Foil Kites and the Inflatable variety. Of these the inflatable ones are recommended because they are easy to control during landing and launching.

Learning this sport can indeed be a bit heavy on the pocket. Enrolling in a learning school will require a substantial fee plus the kite surfing equipment does not come cheap. Costly gear like life jacket, helmet, kite pump, board harness etc. has to be compulsorily used. But local people may be able to help you find the gear at reasonable prices, keep a check on the quality though.

Also be prepared for unexpected changes in wind speeds. Learn to protect yourself in case of emergencies. Rests assured, it’s high time you got yourself a good Kite and Board and tasted the excitement of this thrilling sport!

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