Predator Mountain board

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Predator Mountain board $426.55

HQ Predator Mountain board

The HQ Predator Mountain Board has kite board has been designed by some of the best kiteboarders in the land, this gives you a board that can take your landboarding to the next level.

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ur new top level

With an all new composite deck, new trucks designed specifically for kiteboarding, and improved Velcro bindings to keep your feet locked into the board. Lightweight rims, with super grippy 8” tyres and a comfy grab handle, for all those board-off moves. The Taurus is the best landboard we sell, period.

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Mountain Board Jump

Mountain Board Jump

The Taurus also has stainless steel fixtures and fittings, so no rust when you hit the beach !!!


* 90cm Composite Deck
* 6.85 kgs
* 12mm Hollow Axle Flow Trucks
* Lightweight 5 Spoke Rims
* Lightweight 8” Tyres
* All New Velcro Binding System
* Grab Handle
* Coil Leash
* Set Up Instructions and Tools

Complete with bindings, leash and tool kit.

This is the top intermediate to advanced board out there. Especially when you factor in the No Tax and Ships Free.

This board works well with any of the traction kites from 4 meters and up. Specifically, the Scout, Beamer, Neo and Apex.

Customer Review: My perfect board! Jeff Warding

This board is it for me! My perfect board! Its about a mid range length board so is nice and stable and yet allows me to do all of my tricks as well as getting up to a good speed with into the carves and jumps.

The deck looks sweet- the trucks are easy to maintain and the footstraps are comfy and easy to adjust The grab handle is which is great for carrying and board offs!

The board appears to be maintenance free and was nice and easy to setup. I got myself one of the Scrub board bags also which keeps it all tidy and your car free of sand!

Additional Details: Interested in getting your Taurus board fast with No Shipping and No Sales tax? Click below: