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    There are many different places you could go to buy your kitesurfing equipment. Several websites will have kitesurfing gear for sale including second hand places such as eBay. Although these locations may provide a slightly lower price point, there are still some very compelling reasons why purchasing your gear from a kite surf shop is a much better choice.

    Power Kites Direct. The Kitesurf Shop That Stands Behind Its Products

    Really what it comes down to for most kiteboarders is how the kite surf shop will stand behind their products. The reality is that there is an initial startup cost to getting the kiteboarding gear you need to get started. For as strong as the desire may be to get riding right now, it is worth getting gear that will last you for multiple seasons even if it means saving some cash for an extra month or two.

    If you purchase gear from a site like eBay, you may be saving some money in the short run, but you may also be buying a kite that has no warranty, no guarantees, and nobody to stand behind the kite. In addition, if the kite is used, there may be a question mark as to what type of history there is behind the kite.

    With kiteboarding, the saying "you get what you pay for" is often very true, especially with kitesurfing equipment. A trusted professional can make great recommendations based on your abilities and also on your budget. These type of kitesurfing shops will also stand behind their gear and just due to the fact that the typical kiteboarding shop will generate a good amount of their revenue off of word of mouth referrals, there is a huge incentive to provide exceptional quality at an affordable price.

    Kitesurfing Equipment Explained

    To break down the equipment a bit further, the terms kitesurfing and kiteboarding are typically used to describe the same basic event. Of course kitesurfing is limited to the water, where kiteboarding may cover any type of surface: water, land, or snow.

    Many of the kitesurfing equipment options include kites that can be used no matter the discipline. In the case of leading edge inflatables (LEI), there are several kiters who will use this style kite to ride on both land and snow and of course, water. These kites have a solid structure when inflated and within the leading edge and the struts, there is a bladder connected to a valve that when pumped up will resemble a wing shape which gives the kite its power and lift.

    Foil Kites

    The other main style of kite is the foil kite or ram-air kite. This is a style where the kite is constructed with individual cells that are open to allow air to enter. These cells form the structure for the kite and also allow for a very easy depower due to the fact that the structure is not only maintained by the air pressure, but also the bridles that are connected to the bar and safety system.

    The main disadvantage to the foil kites is that they don't do nearly as well on the water. While some like the HQ Matrix and HQ Hydra do relaunch well, most foil kites don't - so do you research.

    Foil Kites on the Water?

    There are some kite manufacturers that have designed foil kites that do relaunch from the water, but given enough time or just the right angle and these kites will also fill with water from the same openings designed to fill the kite with air. In any case, these kites are great, but if you're planning on water kiting, having an LEI kite is the way to go.

    Kiteboarding Boards

    Kiteboarding or kitesurfing wouldn't exist without the kiteboards. That said, most of the boarding that is done with land boarding or snowboarding can be done with a traditional mountainboard or snowboard. In the case of kitesurfing or kiteboarding on the water, there are solid reasons why going with a wakeboard is a bad idea. In the case of a wakeboard, there are channels built into the bottom of the board so the board travels well in a forward direction. With kitesurfing, there is more of a angle where the board needs to hold an edge in order to go where the rider wants to go.

    There are multiple styles of kitesurf boards from a "wake" style to a surfboard style as well as light wind boards that plane easily on those days when it may be tough to stay above the water.

    Kitesurfing Shop

    When it makes sense from a cost perspective and availability, work locally to support your local kiteboarding community. If you combine this important concept with the availability of a local shop who can service you with your gear, you'll have a lot of success with your purchases.

    Of course the internet makes many things "local" in some sense. We've had students travel for hundreds of miles to take advantage of the lessons and gear we offer at our shop. We've also been able to cater to individuals and groups that were on holidays near here and be able to offer lessons to them as well. If you don't have someone local to support and who you trust to deliver on the gear at a reasonable price, work with us and leverage the great relationships we already have in place with our vendors.

    Our Kitesurf Shop

    We have gone to extensive lengths to test every kitesurfing kite we sell. The kites we offer to our students and to kiteboarders are the same kites we ride on a regular basis. No matter what kite you go with, we'll be there to stand behind the purchase, help you with warranty claims and help you grow into new kites as you advance in your kitesurfing pursuit.

    Kitesurfing is ultimate freedom with enough adrenaline to keep you on the edge where experiencing life at the fullest is possible. It's easy to get hooked on riding especially after that first time you are planing and realizing what is ultimately possible with this incredible sport!