Blade Trigger Kite

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Blade Trigger Kite $899

The Blade Trigger continues to excel as a fast, nimble and powerful all-round performance kite. For the 6th generation Trigger, the profile shape went through a highly calculated reconstruction which positions the kite to sit further in the edge of the window, causing more vertical pop, significant increase in hang-time and much better upwind performance.

The most noticeable difference in the new profile shape is in the wingtips, where the distance between the elbows has been nearly doubled. We have found this design to drastically help with stabilizing the kite, giving a rock solid feel. This has also helped drift the kite, perfect for wave riding and repositioning of the kite after big airs. Although it might be difficult to notice by the naked eye, the newest Trigger has a much steeper and deeper pocket than last years model. This creates more power for better pop and bigger airs.

You will definitely notice this the first time you go out riding!

The 6th generation is based on its successful predecessor, and like the Triggers before it, each size boasts individually designed geometry. Many small refinements are made individually to each size so that it performs ideally in the conditions it is meant to be flown, here are some of them:

The Trigger 12m and 14m

Received beefed up power profiles and the 14m also features narrower struts to deliver the same low end grunt and turning speed as their smaller siblings.

The Trigger 9m and 10m

Received a special bridle geometry to seat them slightly further forward in the window, giving them the right balance of power and stability for their wind range.

The Trigger 8m – Brand New !

An 8m is added to this years lineup due to popular demand and the 12-14m range has undergone LE refinement for improved lowend capabilities. The smaller sized kites benefit from added stability for gustier wind conditions, while packing enough speed and agility to keep you ripping in all extreme conditions! With a unique profile shape and complex LE design, the Trigger has amazing versatility for kiteboarders of all styles and levels.

The?Blade Trigger is a dynamic, powerful kite that is not only fun to fly, but a truly exceptional all-around high performance kite. The Trigger is great for riders looking to take advantage of a variety of weather scenarios and different riding conditions. The modifications made to the kite for 2014 are minimal, which is a good indication that the 2013 version of the Trigger was a solid kite and that the kite was more tweaked than changed.

The highly calculated reconstruction and modifications that were made to the kite, especially the wingtips, now give an even smoother turn and some additional power. There’s also a new bar that was added to the 2014 version which takes this kite setup to a new level of performance and safety.

The New Blade Trigger is once again packed with all the quality characteristics it is known for. Big air boosting, amazing wave performance and skill building atributes make this all around kite an optimal choice for energetic and lively riders. At the core of the design is super quick turning and efficient power delivery, making the Trigger a truly user friendly kite.

  • Super quick and responsive turning
  • Massive hangtime
  • Efficient Low end Performance
  • Adjustable Wave setting
  • Quality craftsmanship

The Kiteboarder Magazine Testers Review the 2014 Blade Trigger

Our Testers Say:

This kite will send you to the moon when youre jumping, but also drifts nice for playing in the waves, Davey Beard.

Really fun to ride, solid responsive, quick turning, great power range and all around excellent kite ?stoked on this one, Eric MaCauliffe.

Quick turning and responsive with an easy and quick relaunch. The bar is clean, light and compact although the tuning reach was long for my shorter arms, Cherie Costello.