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Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a combination? of the best elements of surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and snowboarding.? There is crossover from those sports so anyone good at those sports can pick up power kite sports fairly quick. But kite surfing is a bit different as you don’t need waves, a boat or an expensive lift ticket- only a few knots of wind. It is the perfect sport for those who enjoy the freedom of sailing and jumping without the huge cost.

Is a Power Kite the Same as a Kite Surfing, Snowkiting or Traction Kite?

Some people get a bit confused at first on the terminology. A power kite is is any large controllable kite designed to provide significant pull to the user. So all kitesurfing, landboarding, snowkiting, kite buggying kites are in the category of power kites. Kites that are not considered power kites would be stunt kites or those little one line kites you see on the beach.

Power kites can be flown? anywhere, can fit your own specific personality and can be done by anyone from ages 7 to 70). So it’s easy to understand why kiteboarding is one of the fastest growing sports.

Where Can You Go Kiteboarding?

One of the greatest part of getting into power kites is the ability to do it almost anywhere. You can use a kite in all of these areas:

It doesn

How to Fly a Trainer Kite 

A trainer kite is the fastest and most cost effective way of getting into kite surfing. There were two main reasons for this.

how to fly a trainer kite from power kites direct

Point Your Trainer Kite In the Direction You Want to Go

How to excel at flying your Trainer Kite

You will learn much faster during your actual kite surfing lesson, which typically costs around $75-$100 per hour. If you first learn your kite flying skills your time

Where to Buy Kiteboarding kites 

Where to Buy a Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

Kiteboarding offers thrilling ways to play, work out, and enjoy the outdoors, and the combination of kite flying and surfing adds a new outlet for outdoor sports enthusiasts to master. Even if you are not new to water sports, thorough training and preparation should be your first step towards getting started. Once you know how to handle the equipment and understand the necessary safety precautions, this new aquatic activity promises numerous opportunities for fun and excitement.

Professional instruction will give you the training and understanding you need to safely enjoy this sport. As the requisite power kites are not for children or the uninitiated, any associated equipment needs to be kept under control at all times.  Learning proper handling techniques, by way of a qualified instructor, will reduce your chances of experiencing problem situations. A good instructional video can enhance your knowledge and get you ready for this sport as well.

Even if you are an avid windsurfer, snowboarder or swimmer, you should first master your flying skills on land. Even when you have progressed beyond needing an instructor, you should not attempt kiteboarding without someone else present to assist you if necessary. Kitesurfing away from the shoreline only as far as you can confidently swim back should be part of your kitsurfing ritual as well.  Your flying path should be clear of objects, and you should make sure weather conditions are ideal for such an activity also. This intense undertaking requires precision, preparedness, and caution, but the ensuing experience may be well worth it.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about which trainer kite is best for you and how to fly a power kite. Throughout our articles we have used photos and diagrams to illustrate the best ways to launch a power kite and the kinds of conditions you will want to use for learning how to kite surf, landboard or buggy kite. To review any of those articles, just use the SEARCH field to the right hand side. You can also subscribe to our feeds and review articles below.

It’s also important that you get your kite surfing equipment from the right shop. Here is the comparison for Power Kites Direct vs. the competition.

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How to Get Started with Kitesurfing, Landboarding and Snowkiting 

In order to become good at kitesurfing, landboarding or snowkiting, you will need solid kite flying skills. The more experience you have with flying a trainer or power kite, the better off you’ll be when have your first lesson. Kiteboarding is 80% kite skills, which is why we always recommend that you get some flying time in BEFORE you take a kiteboarding lesson.

how to start kiteboarding and kitesurfing

There’s a couple of ways you can do this. Borrow one from a friend or buy one from our online store. If you buy one, we also offer a Trade-In service (see below), which helps to reduce the overall entry cost into the sport. Which ever kite you choose, it’s best to have 15-20 hours of practice before you take a lesson.

Which kind of kite should you buy?

That depends on your goal for learning how to kite. If you want to start kite surfing, then a trainer kite such as the RUSH PRO or HYDRA will work best. If you aim is to get into landboarding, buggy kiting or snowkiting, then check out the Beamer or Scout kites.

If you are ready for a full-sized kite surfing kite, then click on the Griffin Kites page.

What is your top recommendation for a trainer kite?

We have seen that the HQ Hydra is the best overall trainer kite for most students who are looking to get into kite surfing. The reason is because a kiter can quickly transition from land to water to learn body dragging without switching kites and putting on a harness. It’s very practical to be able to take a kite you are already familiar with and start learning the water. The Hydra is the first and only water relaunchable trainer kite. It’s also a great kite for kayaks or tubes.

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What is the regular Rush kite good for?

The Rush is a really good kite for small children or a family who wants a very basic kite. We currently have a program where we have donated kites to kids with ADHD. It’s a small kite and doesn’t relaunch as easy as our other kites so it’s a bit less practical for learning than the other kites we offer.

What is the best trainer kite size to get?

which kiteboarding and kitesurfing

How to Choose the Best Kite Size

Trainer Kite – Up to 80% Trade-In Program

All trainer kites purchased from us can be returned for a trade in price of up to

Kiteboarding Packages Gear 

Kitesurfing has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It’s also one of those sports that people like to see and inevitably need to attempt.

As with anything new there are always generally asked questions. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions about kiteboarding.

What is kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding is a water sport in which a rider is pulled over the water on a board much like a wakeboard or a small surfboard. He’s pulled by a big kite which uses the wind to generate the power or pull.

Kitesurfing or kiteboarding has been called an extreme version of windsurfing however it’s in reality it is own sport. One which combines the skills of other sports for example surfing, wake boarding, windsurfing and kite flying.

Is it expensive to begin?

Kiteboarding is actually a relatively inexpensive sport with initial start up costs of anything from $750 to $3000. This range relies upon the age, quality and type of equipment that you purchase.

With the fame of the sport growing so fast the are many beginner or entry level packages available. As so there are lots of people selling their old gear online riders advance their equipment evolves. It is a wonderful source for a starter package.

You are also able to rent equipment at kiteboarding schools that may keep the cost down and certainly will enable you to see should you enjoy the sport before you invest.

Additionally, you will want to spend several hundred dollars on lessons initially.

What kiteboarding gear do I need to start?

Essential kiteboarding gear includes a harness, a board, a kite control bar and a kite.

Optional equipment includes accessories for instance a wetsuit, booties, a safety helmet plus a life jacket or pfd.

Is it simple to learn?

Obviously it is a tough question to answer as it changes with each individual.

It is actually easier than learning to windsurf although the learning curve is steeper.

In short the answer is yes. It is easy to understand provided you follow your instruction and get a willingness to learn. Lessons dramatically increase this first learning curve.

Is it safe?

Kiteboarding can be dangerous, yes, but as with any sport should you follow your security procedures and reveal the power of the wind along with the kite as well as a healthy respect for the water you drastically lessen the risk of harm. This is just another reason that first lessons are significant as you will learn to prevent the typical errors which can lead to injury and dangerous circumstances.

Innovations in kite design, security systems and training have helped significant in making kiteboarding a safer sport.

Kiteboarding is gaining its popularity around the globe as an extreme and interesting sport. Surprisingly, with what seems to be a challenging outdoor activity, you simply need the following to really get the right experience- the wind along with the basic kiteboarding gear. The sport does not even require you to truly actually be a pro nor does this require all that strength for you to truly experience the adventure.

The spotlight is on because, besides being known as a pretty straightforward sport, you really have the liberty to ride those overhead waves and fly high on air kiteboarding today. You do windsurfing, surfing, and wakeboarding, all at once! You get all these actions plus you can harmonize with nature. All you need to consider is actually kite control. Fly your kite into the wind and also you should have the ability to maneuver it. You get the taste of the thrill tried different cool moves and tricks and once you’ve steered your kite.

However, you won’t ever experience the complete satisfaction of this sport without knowing a bit of kiteboarding 101. Unless you first understand what it truly is without doubt, you will never love this sport. Therefore, you got to know one of its own principles – the equipment. These will be your true buddies throughout your kiteboarding experience. Before you are able to really do all those stunts you’ve got to get the right gear. Basically, the sport won’t be possible without these two – the kite as well as the board.

Which kiteboarding package do you need as a beginner?

The kite is what you maneuver once you fly into the wind. There are actually two ways of maneuvering a kite – to also to sheet and direct. Both of them will empower you to really increase or reduce the force with respect to how you use them. In steering, you must right position the kite in regard to the wind’s direction. On The Other Hand, you won’t get the force you’ll need during the boarding. In sheeting, you maneuver your kite by sheeting in or sheeting it out. In this manner, your kite will catch the wind and release it, thus generating additional power for you.

The next gear is the board. This is where you step on. The board complements the kite’s function. That’s the reason this equipment is as important as the kite. With the board, you can control your kite and steer it in whatever direction you desire since the board is the one resisting the kite’s pull.

For riders like you to really love this sport more, this tools currently comes within an array of cool designs. Boards today are made to give that great look and at the same time give your need to you depending on the style and use of riding. You can choose among the following – the dual tip board which is known to be the surfboard, light, the snowboard as well as the land board with large wheels for riding on rough terrains. The very first one is used if you are into free riding and aftermath-style. It really can be steered in both ways. The 2nd board is used for wave riding. The snowboard is nearly like the twin tip board except that it’s literally used on snow.

With the basic notion of gears, it is not impossible that from here, you can master this totally awesome sport. Go for it and appreciate as much as you can with caution.

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